Made for the Brackeys2020.2 jam

You're a mage who finally mastered his time twisting abilities and heads off to a dungeon to prove his skills! However because of your devotion to the time warping arts, you forgot all of your basic of magic! Rewind through time to change your age and use different magic spells. Can you defeat all the waves of the dungeon?

Waves of enemies will come, to complete a wave you kill the enemies with your spells. Change age to change your spells. Each age has four spells each for: fire, water, earth and air. To change age you need a Time Point(bottom right). Depending on your age spells do more or less damage and cost more or less mana. If you run out of mana there are a few spots that spawn mana pickups as well as enemies dropping pickups for mana, health, and time points.

The Orb on the right is health, left is mana. The green bar on the right tells you when you get your next time point. Total time points is also there. The bottom left tell you your current school of magic. The bar at the top fills with wave progress. 


WASD - Move

HOLD TAB - Open the age change menu, use A and D to change

HOLD SHIFT - Open the spell type change menu, use A and D to change

LEFT CLICK - Cast spell at mouse position

Spells Cheat Sheet

FireMeteorFire StormFire StreamFire Ball
AirTyphoonMisty StepGustHaste


All assets made by me during jam time except for the following:

A* pathfinding:

Sound effects from:

Font from:

Tools Used:


Waveform free:



This game has so much more potential then i released for the jam. Out of all my jam games i most want to continue working on this one and will definitely come back to this. This jam ended up being pretty scuffed for me, I only worked on this for around 48 hours in total and a lot of that was in art. If you like what i have so far stay tuned and follow!


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