Made in 48 hours for GMTK 2021 Game Jam.

Rōnin is a bitter, bitter, samurai. His family was killed by zombies or something, and he's made it his life goal to make them pay. However, In order to actually slay them he's gotta take them all out in one fell swoop. Can he defeat the horde with a full combo before he gets overwhelmed?

The theme for the jam was "Joined Together". We went with the idea of joining attacks together and planned the levels with the goal of having the player carefully line up the  jiangshi. Only once they were set up for a combo could you beat the level. The puzzles only get more interesting as new types of jiangshi get introduced, such as ones that move in a line and ones that mimic your own movement. 


WASD to move

E to wait

Z to undo, R to restart

ESC to open pause screen


Code: VortexB

Art: VortexB

Music: CalMackk

Level Design: VortexB, Huetimes3

Assets Used:

All assets were made by @_VortexB or @CalMackk within the 48 hours

Tools Used:




Download 24 MB

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