Made in 45 hours for McGameJam 2021 (Team 10).

Solve puzzles as you navigate deeper into the perplexing manor. Help Shove Knight shove his way through levels and grab all the keys before making a mad dash back to the starting portal. 

Theme for the jam was "unintended consequences".  We designed our levels in such a way that players have to consider their path since this has a direct impact on the level itself (platforms getting destroyed). The disappearing platforms are a double edged sword, offering opportunities to shove enemies into the void but also restricting your own movement


WASD to move

Z to undo, R to restart

ESC to open pause screen


Code: VortexB

Art: Huetimes3

Level Design: VortexB, Huetimes3

Special thanks to jnnwn#0590 for her awesome fanart! Check out her other works :

Assets Used:

All sounds except music are taken from a license of asset pack found here:

All other assets were made by @_VortexB or @HueTimes3 within the 48 hours

Tools Used:


Waveform free:


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsVortexB, hue

Install instructions

Windows version available for better framerate


Windows 25 MB

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