Made in 3 hours for Trijam 79

Play as a rebel ship taking its last stand against the imperial armada. Destroy as many of those imperial goons as you can by harnessing the power of stars to fuel your death ray.

This game uses both jam themes of Anti-Gravity and If you play with fire you get burned. The idea for the game just popped into my head before I even read that only one theme is required.

Anti-Gravity- There's no gravity.

If you play with fire you get burned- If you get to close to the stars (giant balls of fire lol) you take damage


Enemy ships will come after you, to destroy them and raise your score you need to shoot them with E. You get more bullets by absorbing the energy from stars with Q.  You need to get close to the star to absorb it but don't crash into it or you'll lose hp. 


W - Move towards the mouse (careful not to go to fast!)

Q - Absorb stars AT THE BACK of the ship

E- Shoot bullet AT THE FRONT of the ship (need a full bullet)


All Assets were made by me except font :

The music was not made during the jam along with 1 very short general script

Made using:




I keep having more and more fun with Trijam and now I'm hooked thanks a bunch to for making Trijam a thing.

Youtube 3 min timelapse of dev: 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity


Download 21 MB

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