Made in 48 hours for GMTK jam 2020.

Solve puzzles as you help your software recover from a malware attack. Open gates using logic puzzles and ctrl hotkeys to reach the end. 18 levels to complete (or more???)

Theme for the jam was "out of control". We applied this by having puzzles where you need to use common ctrl hotkeys (ctrl+V, ctrl+C, ctrl+X) to manipulate opening and closing doors. You gain more hotkeys as the game progresses. You also help your program regain more control of itself from the attacking malware.

Thanks to Huetimes3 for partnering up for this jam! (links below)


Change to different gameplay controls with SPACE

"Wirin" mode allows you to click and draw a wire to a unobstructed point 

"Editin" mode allows you to pickup and drop keycards by clicking

Placing matching keycards on circuits will send a signal to a door, indicated by a cable

There are 2 types of cables

YELLOW AND BLACK cables signal that there is AND logic being used with black being off and yellow being on 

PURPLE AND WHITE cables signal that there is OR logic being used with white being off and purple being on 

Each door can also have NOT logic applied to it, making it do the opposite of what it normally would 

Checkpoints will change where your wire will start to draw from


Code: VortexB

Art: Huetimes3

Story: Huetimes3

Level Design: VortexB, Huetimes3

Special thanks to @Hail and @Iceking300

Assets Used:

All sounds except music are taken from a license of asset pack found here:

fonts used can be found here: 

All other assets were made by me or @HueTimes3 within the 48 hours

Tools Used:


Waveform free:



Download 30 MB


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Thanks for playing